Thursday 29 May 2008

I Love Ben Andrews!

Brent Corrigan:
My pal Brent Corrigan! (See Picture) was here in town for a visit last weekend. He and his partner Grant Roy along with my new friends, Chicago’s own Jacob Powell and Jake (The straight guy) (See Picture) did some promotions over the weekend.

My friends at Hydrate hosted Brent et al late Thursday evening. We sure did have some fun! I even ran into my dear friend Nickie Thornsen who was in town from LA. I adore him! (Side Note: Thank you to Mark, Eric and all the staff at Hydrate for allowing us to take over a Thursday night!)

Friday evening we were hosted by my dear pal Bill Healy for a lovely BBQ. Afterwards we were the guests of my pal and yours Charlie Brown (See Photo) at Atmosphere. I just LOVED the turnout. I was especially impressed by the GREAT service by the staff at Atmosphere! Not only are they damn attractive, but they sure work hard! Everyone had a marvelous time. (Side Note: Thank you Charlie, and your team, for opening your place to the community! You’re a damn sweet man!)

The Day I Met Ben:
Saturday evening we all went to the Grabby’s courtesy of my friend Stacy Bridges and the gang at Gay Chicago Magazine. (Love them!) This event is always a fun time and once again I sat next to’s own Exec VP, Steve. I think he and I react the same to all the things being said and done. Needless to say, we giggled like school girls all night long.

I did meet my future boyfriend, Ben Andrews that night. (See Picture Above) Heavens, this guy is one beautiful person and damn sweet as well. Wait until you see the picture that was taken of us that evening! (On it’s way!)

From there we were all lucky to be the guests of my pals Stu Zrin & John Dalton at Minibar|Winebar. These two always go out of their way to bless me! They’re the best! Just you wait and see what they do next! (Hint Hint)

Of course Saturday night resident DJ Phil DaBeatz was on fire that night. He’s such a nice guy! I’m convinced that he could play the Kazoo and still make peoples day!

Not Like Any Other Brunch
Early Sunday afternoon, I joined Brent and the boys at neighborhood favorite The North End for the Grabby’s Recovery Brunch. Now, I can’t go into too many details, (After all, the windows WERE blacked out) but fun was had by all; I was giggling a lot; and my new boyfriend Ben Andrews was there. Ben hung-out (Literally) with us the whole time. I think I might have to fight Jacob Powell for him though. :-/

Popeye’s BBQ Chicken
Well, summer has officially begun! Chicago’s Room Restyle man Paul Kepner threw a marvelous BBQ Monday evening. Ah the smell of burgers and dogs (Sorry Buffy!) on the BBQ really makes any day! Hadley Rue was equal to the task on the grill and Paul kept everyone well equipped with libations. Heavens there were a lot of new (Young) guys there! I guess there are those who really like the chicken. (Wink) I myself have my new boyfriend Ben Andrews.

Joining us at the BBQ was my great pal and ultimate “Meanwhile”, Brian Douglass and Bill Healy. The former Mayor of Boystown, (The svelt) Hon. Paul Palmateer was also on hand with some great stories! My best friend Isaiah also came. I just love hanging out with him!

This Week
Thursday evening, welcomes 103.5 KISS FM to Circuit Nightclub with the "I'm Too Sexy" tour of Boystown and beyond! Come dressed to the nines for the Catwalk and be ready to strut your stuff for some great prizes - including airfare for two from!

Hot KISS FM midday DJ Nina Chantele co-hosts with yours truly. My pal, Chicago's very own Ronnie Kroell (See Picture) - from Bravo's "Make Me a Supermodel" joins the festivities as special guest! I heart him! Wonderfully Lady Vera Parker will also be on hand to greet and inspect “sexiness”. (Rough job!)

Saturday evening, my friends at Atmosphere Will be hosting “Queer Bash” a benefit to support MidTangent Productions A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM: A QUEER TALE A $15 suggested donation gets you cocktails, food, entertainment from cast members, and prizes. Talk about a fun evening!

Later, my buddy DJ Scotty Thomson will be spinning at Hydrate. Those of you who’ve been reading my blog know how much I love my music. Like my pal Chicago’s DJ Adelor; Scotty brings in the goods! I could listen to him for hours. (And I plan on doing so!)

Sunday FUN Day
Seeing my pal Miss Foozie at Roscoe’s for Male Call is THE perfect way to start off the Sunday FUN Day festivities. She sure knows how to have fun and always makes everyone feel welcome!

Later the guys at Minibar|Winebar will be High Rolling with DJ Chris Eterno. This week there’s going to be a dice rolling game where people can pay $40 and roll the dice – if the dice spell out “Mercedes” you win a real Mercedes car! A percentage of the money raised will go to the Center on Halsted! Now THAT is Difference Making Fun!

SHOUT OUTS: The heart and soul behind, Steve & Matthew! My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal , The FINE, Clay Hinkle, My best Friend and support, Isaiah, My boyfriend, the incredibly HOT Ben Andrews, Fashionista, Ryan Yoder, My Sweet Friend, JP, My Seattle pal, John O’malley, The damn sweet and cute, Arthur Chaney, Gal-Pal, Jake Conrad, Chicago Cutie with the hot name, Hunter Lyon, My High school best pal, Jill Anderson Green, and my faithful bitch Buffy.

Cheers Damn it!

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i hung out with ben all weekend long, and had lunch with him before heading for the airport on monday. fascinating fellow.
Posted by CPJason on Fri, 5/30/2008 3:14 PM
Thursday 22 May 2008

Bill Pritchard Wears A Leather Suit

Thank you for the DIFFERENCE
Last Saturday Cornelia's Restaurant devoted a portion of the profits to Dale Kozak for his participation in Ride for AIDS Chicago. I want to thank those of you who came out (Including: Boobie, Harriet Wilson Ellis) for a wonderful evening of food, libations and music. We raised $500.00 towards Dale’s ride. That’s lives changed! I especially want to thank Cornelia’s owner, Edie and manager John for their amazing work. I also want to thank Chicago Piano man Ben Hartman and Advisor Edward for spearheading the difference making event. A special thank you goes to Mr. H. Walker for blessing us all that evening. (Happy Birthday Mister Walker!)

Nina Chantele:
Tonight and 103.5 KISS FM continue with the "I'm Too Sexy" Tour of Gay Chicago. Tonight from 8pm-11pm at Atmosphere.

Yours truly, will be co-hosting with my new girlfriend 103.5 KISS FM midday DJ Nina Chantele. (See Picture Above) Seriously, this girl is too damn fine! She’s BEYOND entertaining and THE BEST way to start your pre-weekend fun! I myself am calling in gay to work tomorrow. Come dressed tonight for the Catwalk and strut your stuff for some great prizes, including airfare for two from!

Super Star Brent Corrigan:
My pal Brent Corrigan! (See Picture) is here in town for an extended visit. Brent is from my hometown of Seattle. He and I have been trying to find a weekend to have him visit for a long time. I am delighted to have him here!

Later Thursday evening I will join him at Hydrate. We’ll be getting our pre-weekend funk on until the wee hours!

Friday evening, Brent and I will be the guests of my dear pal and hostess with the mostess, Bill Healy for a lovely BBQ. Joining us will be a whole gaggle of my friends, including my great friend and ultimate “Meanwhile”, Brian Douglass.

Later Brent and I will be back at Atmosphere hosting a “Casting Call” of sorts. If you think you have what it takes to be a Brent-Boy then please join us. If not, come keep me company! *Laughs*

Grab This!
Saturday yours truly will be at the Grabby’s courtesy of the folks at Gay Chicago Magazine. I went last year as their guest and had a hoot. Brent Corrigan and his partner Grant Roy will be my guests. I’m also the fortunate chap to have few handsome dates escort (Get your head out of the gutter!) me to the festivities. A few of Brent’s boys will have the lucky (Or so my Parents would say!) opportunity to go on a date with me. (Laugh Out Loud)

From there Brent et al will be the guests of Stu Zrin & John Dalton at Minibar|Winebar. With fabulous Saturday night resident DJ Phil DaBeatz on the decks we will be in perfect company!

Memorial Day Weekend brings International Mr. Leather, Bear Pride, and the Grabby Awards to the Windy City. It's a busy weekend of fun and as always is your one stop connection! (Interesting Fact: I heard last night from a Levi’s store manager that the whole Levi company has sent thousands of pairs of jeans here to the Chicago area in observance of the IML weekend.)

SHOUT OUTS: Boystown's newest resident, Jason Maldonado, My bosom friend and Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal , The damn good looking, Clay Hinkle, My best Friend, Isaiah, Fashionista, Ryan Yoder,(See Picture) My Friend, John M., The damn cute, Arthur Chaney, My pal, John O’malley, Gal-Pal, Jake Conrad, Chicago Cutie, Dustin Simon Erikstrup, Cute new friend with a cool name, Hunter, (See Picture) LA Boy, Nickie Thornsen, and my faithful bitch Buffy.

I want to encourage you all to play safe and enjoy the sunny Chicago weekend!!
Wednesday 14 May 2008

I Call Dibbs!

Boystown’s New Boy:
One doesn’t ask God how He made the Grand Canyon or how He thought up wine. In the same vein one simply doesn’t ask where Minibar|Winebar owners John and Stu find their hot staff.

Like Willy Wonka, they have given us yet another portion of sweetness in their newest staffer, Chris. (See Picture Above) I don’t mean to sound weird but this boy is pretty damn pretty! At 21 he and his girlfriend (Yep, he is straight) have no problem with him working in Boystown. At 38 I don’t have a problem with him working in Boystown either! Be sure you say hello to Christopher when you see him. (Note: He’s hard to miss)

This Week: welcomes 103.5 KISS FM to the Gayborhood with the "I'm Too Sexy" Tour of Gay Chicago. We kick off the tour this Thursday, May 15th from 8pm-11pm at Scarlet.

Yours truly, will be co-hosting with HOT 103.5 KISS FM midday DJ Nina Chantele. (Side Note: I always add an “R” to the “A” rendering her name to Nina’r) Come dressed for the Catwalk and strut your stuff for some great prizes, including airfare for two from!

Dining for a DIFFERENCE
This Saturday Cornelia's Restaurant is donating 25% of their nights take-in to Dale Kozak for his participation in Ride for AIDS Chicago (A 180-mile, bicycling event designed to raise needed monies for TPAN and BEHIV.

Join Dale and me (See Picture) for a great evening of food, libations and music. Featuring Chicago piano man, Ben Hartman! (See picture) In addition to the incredible generosity of Cornelia's, they will also be featuring $5 house wines and margaritas, $4 Heineken, $3 Miller Lite, and $3.50 Bacardi drinks all evening long!

Take the opportunity to make your Saturday evening dinner and drink plans matter! The fun starts at 7PM and goes until we’re done! If you are going to dine, reservations are suggested: 773-248-8333

Coming to Chicago next week is my pal Brent Corrigan! (See Picture) Stay tuned for all the details on where you can find us!

SHOUT OUTS: Sidetrack Hottie & my god, Mikey, The very sweet, Steven, My bosom friend and Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal , My buddy, Brian Douglass, The damn fine, Clay Hinkle, My best Friend, Isaiah, Gal-Pal, Ryan Yoder, Hostess with the mostess, Bill Healy, The damn cute, Arthur Chaney, Chat buddy, JP, Boystown’s charming couples, Freddy & Lance & Mike & Philip, My Dear Friend, Johnny, Advisor Edward and Dr. Drew, Former Roommate, Clydee, F.W.B, Nickie Thornsen, and my old bitch Buffy.

See you this week!!
Monday 5 May 2008

"A" Is For Alex!

Bosom Buddy’s:
I think I’m getting used to having my Father around in Chicago. I was blessed this last weekend to have him here. We had some fun dinners and fellowship!

Eat, Drink And Be Mary’s:
Friday evening my Father and I were joined for dinner by Advisor Edward (See Picture) and Doctor Drew at Erwin on Halsted. Although they left of the “S” in their name, they sure do have some tasty treats on their menu! It was a lovely time of the boys getting to know my father and he getting to know them!

A Night With Uncle Arthur:
Later in the evening my friend Bill Healy and his terrific roommate Russell Daugherty hosted a lovely cocktail party for my Father. Not only does Bill have a nice place, but it is too damn kind of him to open his home in his generous hospitality! Joining us was Isaiah, Johnny M., Advisor Edward, (See Picture) Doctor Drew, Ben Hartman, Mike Rippe, Philip Trampe, Sandra Riedel and her handsome husband to be, Ryan Vanderbilt. (See Picture) Also joining us was my pal Alex Choren. (See Picture Above) Many of you know of Alex from his work at Minibar|Winebar. Sadly, I think that people really miss out on what’s great about Alex. He may look amazing but that is not what’s most impressive about him. He is extremely smart and one of the most caring people I know. I am truly blessed to call him my friend and I was honored to have him join us in celebrating my Father!

The hour came for me to say goodbye to my Father. I got him to start the process of getting ready to go (That’s a lot of goodbyes) and went out on Aldine to fetch a cab. Would you believe that I was able to procure a van-cab! UNBELIEVEABLE! That would be two for two as the same thing happened last time I wished my Father bon voyage. It gets harder and harder to see him off. He is such a joy to be around. I learn something new from him each time. (Note: Did you know that there really was an Aunt Mary who encouraged the world to marry rich!)

Open And Say Ah!:
Later in the night Johnny, Ben and I stopped by Minibar|Winebar for an drink. It was a treat to run into a bunch of pals! From there Johnny and I went to Hydrate to see the new Spring upgrade they did. We were greeted my none ohther than Lady Vera Parker. Heavens, it looks great and has some wonderful new features. I swear there’s a whole lot more room on the dance floor! That Mark Liberson has done it again!

I met up early Saturday morning with Isaiah for our weekly breakfast. As you know, this is my favorite time of the week! It was especially nice as we had a lovely walk afterwards. I like being around him.

Later that afternoon I got a call from Johnny M. (See Picture) and we met up for an impromptu cup of tea at Caribou Coffee. I don’t think we ever run out of things to chat about! I really like spending time with him!

Cinco De Clyde-O:
I met up with Former Roommate Clyde at gayberhood favorite Cornelia’s. Once again, Bartender John poured the perfect cosmopolitan. We were there to catch up and celebrate Clyde’s birthday. (Taking place on the 5th of May) Of course we ran into Chicago piano man Ben Hartman.

We went from Cornelia’s to Boystown’s Scarlet where we were greeted by cutie events manager Tom Dziarma.

Day Two With Alex:
Heading over to Minibar I ran into everyone! It’s always great to see my friend DJ Phil DaBeatz and cutie interior designer, Kiel Wuellner. My pal and Barney’s haberdasher Jeffery Wondrely was on the spot and looking lean with his new cardio workout. He’s just a good guy! My friends Joe Blizzard, Steve Stewart and Bryce came over to say hello. Bryce was sporting some dandy bun-enhancer-underpants. I have to say, they made his backside perk up like a collage basketball player; giving ample room to rest my beverage on what looked to be a shelf! Heavens!

Alex (See Picture Above) was working on the Winebar side and we enjoyed more fellowship. It’s funny to see how the visiting straight girls flock to him. I’m happy to have their dollars coming into the Boystown economy, but there were two of them next to me who had no consideration of anyone around them. One of them kept on backing up into me and getting her hair in my libation. After asking her a number of times to watch out, I got bitchy and told her I’d have her thrown out if she didn’t stop. She looked at me with bewildered eyes and moved on. Even funnier was Alex’s gal-pal Kinsey who was across the bar laughing with me about the girls stupid posturing.

Joining me at the bar was Ben Hartman. We caught up and ran into sweet Mikey (Name withheld to protect his closet status). Every time I run into Mikey I grow more impressed with him. He clearly has some awesome ideas about relationships and living a safe life. This cutie also has a lot of damn energy. You know that I love that! Mikey and his friends wanted to check out the “NewHydrate so we journeyed there. I was thrilled to hangout with new friends Erin, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Beaverhausen and her operatic “Girls”, (The very cute) JP and Mike (Brother of my pal Steve )

Time does go by doesn’t it! I had the pleasure of running into longtime friend DJ Rodney Becker. He was in the Hydrate DJ booth with DJ Joe Gauthreaux and came out to greet me. Damn I’ve missed him! We enjoyed a few (GD!) libations and caught up on music and guy watching.

Sunny Sunday FUN Day:
As usual I got up early Sunday morning. Isaiah asked me to be his date to the Chicago House Spring Brunch & Fashion Show at the Harold Washington Library. My word, Jeremy Hilborn and his team put on one great show! I was able to introduce Isaiah to my friend Michael Cook, President and CEO of Howard Brown. (Remember their fundraiser, A Taste for Every Palate is on May 19th at the Museum of Contemporary Art.) We also ran into Photo Gurus, Frank Failing and Dave Ouano.

Spring Is For Veuve:
It was such a nice day out, I decided to stop by Winebar for a glass of Champaign. I was greeted by Stu Zrin with the question, “Do you have a pajama suit?”. I guess folks tend to wonder why I wear a suit all the time. I do like the feel of a good suit and tie, but there are days when I enjoy a pair of shorts and a tee. I met a damn charming guy named Doug who is somewhat new to the city. We got chit-chatting and totally lost track of the time. He’s not only cute, but really funny! I hope to hear from him again! Hosting at Winebar was vacation bound Tommy. It was also nice to get to know new Minibar|Winebar staffer Luke Livingston. He wants to go into politics. :-)

Day Three With Alex:
I could not believe that I ran into Alex (See Picture Above) yet again! This time he was walking along the streets of Halsted with gal-pal Kinsey. (By the way, she’s pretty!) Having a good laugh about the night before and the fact that we’ve been hanging around each other all weekend I gave them a hug and went off to see your pal and mine, Miss Foozie at Roscoe’s Male Call.

On the way home I stopped by Halsted’s to say hello to my friend Jeremy Ehrhart who was lookin all sporty after playing a game of ball. I was super pleased to also run into my friend Craig Johnson!

Be sure to check out the latest Make A Difference article! It features some thoughts on how to strengthen your mental health as you would your physical health.

My buddy Ronnie Kroell is up for one of LOGO's NewNowNext Awards: "Most Addictive Reality Star" Be sure to VOTE for Ronnie now!

This Week:
I hope you will all join my gal-pal, Ryan Yoder and me this Thursday at 7PM for an evening of fabulous fashion as the AIDS Foundation of Chicago Junior Board and present Make A Statement: Design for the Cure. Hosted by Steven Rosengard of Bravo's Project Runway; this fun event will be a great time of Making A Difference in our community. Tickets are on sale at or by calling 312-334-0935

SHOUT OUTS: My Mom, Superstar, Brent Corrigan, Birthday boy, Shane Landrum, Cutie, Jake Conrad, Ronnie, My dear friend and Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal , My ex, Jesse Rubly, My pals, Brian Douglass, Troy Christopher Kane, Dustin Erikstrup, Kyle Hustedt and JR Cranston, The really cute Clay Hinkle, My ex, Matthew, Boystown Icon, Linda Little, and my bitch Buffy.

Have a great week!

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Tuesday 29 Apr 2008

Fisticuffs For A Friend!

Heavens! I don’t know what it is about my weekends lately, but man did I have myself some fun and meet some fabulous people!

Show Some Stripes:
Thursday night I was the guest of my best friend Isaiah at the Chicago Social Magazine fashion show. What a marvelous time that was. I happily was there with my friend Sandra Riedel. She and I caught up on all the gossip. It’s such a treat to be around someone with such a love for life. Well, Isaiah and his (cute) boss, D. Graham Kostic put on one splendid show with some terrific fashion. I love a party.

Dining Out For Life:
While I was grabbing a glass of white for Sandra and me a soft pair of hands covered my eyes from behind; accompanied by the whispering of sweet nothings. When I turned around I found my dear friend Ronnie Kroell of Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel. I don’t think I will ever get tired of running into him! It really is true when they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder”! As much as I missed him when he was on the show, I really came to see how much I cared for the guy. I invited Ronnie and his friend Chicago Smiles Spa owner, Gerilyn Alfe to join me at Home Bistro in observance of the Dining Out for Life event.

Home Bistro was one of dozens of restaurants across the nation that raised funds for AIDSCare by giving a percentage of it’s sales that evening. We had a marvelous time enjoying our white wine (Yep, its BYOB) and tasty eats. I had the Kefta Spiced Lamb Pie. It was beyond words! Ronnie asked to pick-up the tab giving me even more appreciation for him! (Sweet boy!) A special thank you to owners John & Bob!

We walked up to hear DJ Phil DaBeatz do his Thursday night residency at Minibar|Winebar. I’ve not seen owner John Dalton have this much fun in ages. Sure, he’s always got a smile on his face, but damn that guy works hard. We all laughed it up and enjoyed some libations. Ronnie was such a good boy and didn’t drink hardly anything. He had to drive home. Even though it was a school night, we stayed out late. I said good night to Ronnie; tucked him into his car, and headed home for my bitch.

Thank God It’s a day off:
Thinking ahead I scheduled the day off to enjoy some domestic chores and fellowship. I was the lucky guy to be able to have lunch with my friend Michael Cook, President and CEO of Howard Brown. It is AMAZING to me how much Howard Brown does in the community! They are really more than meets the eye. Of course you will want to check out their fundraiser, A Taste for Every Palate on May 19th at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Homo From Home:
After I enjoyed some libations and fellowship at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago Junior Board Design for the Cure Kick-off Party at Minibar I joined Advisor Edward for dinner at gayberhood favorite Cornelia’s. Joining us was my first best friend in Chicago, Jeremy and piano man, Ben Hartman. Meeting up with us was my hometown friend Brian Westbrook and his boyfriend, Richard Dunn. I’ll tell you, Brian comes into the room; personality first! He’s always got so much energy to give and his taste in boyfriends is damn good. Richard is damn nice and painfully cute!

Enjoying a few perfectly poured cosmopolitans (See Picture) by the incomparable Bartender John we ventured off to CREW where I was blessed to assist Mistress Sofia in judging the Frat Boy contest. Heavens, the burdens of command! (Laugh Out Loud). Making our way back to Boystown we enjoyed some more fellowship along the streets of Halsted and ended the evening at Little Jim’s with Bill Healy.

Breakfast with Stripes:
What a joy it was to attend breakfast with Isaiah on Saturday morning! This is my favorite moment of the week! It was especially nice this week as we had the last two weeks canceled due to our busy schedules. After breakfast I ran into the Scott the owner of Chicago Male Salon. He’s such a nice man and I always seem to run into him.

Saturday evening was a special night for sure. Johnny M. (See Picture) join me for a glass of wine before our evening of fundraising began. Whew, I’ll tell you, this boy was made for a suit! DAMN, he looked so impressive. Former Roommate Clyde and his friend David joined us for the evening. We schlepped up to Evanston for the Better Existence with HIV (BEHIV) fifth Annual Club BEHIV & Cabaret, a fundraising event to benefit BEHIV’s lifesaving programs for people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. What a charming event! There was great food and drink and the Woman’s Club of Evanston was a great venue. I ran into the Former Mayor of Boystown the very svelte, Paul Palmateer and Paul Kepner. I even ran into’s own Michael J. Roberts and Frank Failing.

We headed back to Boystown were we ran into DJ Phil DaBeatz at Minibar|Winebar. We also ran into Jim Bonfield. Clyde and David went off to Sidetrack and John and I enjoyed some fellowship with my pal and Minibar bartender, Alex Choren. I also ran into old friend, Scotty P. (See Picture) and Los Angeles legal eagle, Wade Ackerman and his hot boyfriend. Johnny headed home just as Ben Hartman came in. We enjoyed an drink and then headed over to see if we could find Advisor Edward at his watering hole.

Fisticuffs Over Hottie Edward:
Catching Edward before he could stumble home, we joined him for a “Nightcap”. Enjoying our usual banter of praise, we were interrupted by a would-be stalker who had his eye on Edward. At first it was annoying, then it became belligerent. When I saw that this dope was really bothering Edward, I went into protection mode. (Note: This tends to happen if I feel my friends are being threatened.) I spoke up to the guy and asked him to stop. When he didn’t I got up and told him that I would remove him from the bar. (Cue Rocky 4 music soundtrack) When that didn’t work I got security to do just that. Don’t mess with my peeps!

Sunday FUN Day:
I stopped by to see your pal and mine, Miss Foozie at Roscoe’s Male Call. What a fun time! I was super glad to meet up with my friend Andy Miller from Portland Oregon. It has been years since I’ve seen him. We enjoyed catching up and listening to a little 80’s music courtesy of VJ Bobby. Joining me was Boystown cutie Mike Kunen

Send In The Clowns:
Be sure to check out the latest Make A Difference article posted today! It features some thoughts on how to strengthen your mental health as you would your physical health.

This Week:
My wonderful Father (See Picture) returns to Chicago for more mayhem! You will see us at Angelina’s, Cornelia’s, and Irwin’s. Please come up and introduce yourself if you see us! He’s worth the hello!

SHOUT OUTS: My Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal , Hometown friend, Brent Corrigan, Jake Conrad My friend, Brian Douglass, Troy Christopher Kane, JR Cranston, The damn FINE Clay Hinkle, and my bitch Buffy. She seems to get older every moment.

Have a great week!

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