Thursday 18 Jan 2007


I see that Sen. Obama is looking to make a real difference in our world.

Win or not, he's just the man to do it!! Check out this Article on Sen. Obama

Aaaand he's sexy, I have him on the cover of my Men's Vogue, he get's my do you Mr. Mayor hehe


Posted by JustinBoltz on Fri, 1/19/2007 3:47 AM
I hope he has a good bodygaurd. I am sure it will not be easy on him or his family. Wish him the best!
Posted by Sosa on Fri, 1/19/2007 9:01 AM
Tuesday 16 Jan 2007


This weekend my bosom friend and Hong Kong Envoy David Beal sent me a quote that I just adore.

It is by author & humorist E. B. White:
"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult."

Truly this is David's life and one that I desire to live as well. A healthy reminder to me that I shouldn't take life so seriously.

~Bill Pritchard
Thursday 14 Dec 2006

Notice the face!

I was walking with a friend the other day and it was clear that he was having a difficult moment. The stress of life was a bit overwhelming for him. He was trying to hold back the tears.

I pulled him aside, took both his hands and said, "Are you alright?" "It's okay for us to take a few minutes to be with each other!"

I'll tell you what, that was all the permission he needed to relax, regroup and rethink what he was stressed about. Sometimes we need to have and give that permission slip to stop and renew.

Thursday 14 Dec 2006


What a wonderful time it was to come together with my MAKE A DIFFERENCE parents and my former boyfriend Isaiah for our combined birthday party!!

Isaiah and I determined that we wanted to have the party, even though he and I made the choice to end our romantic relationship back in October. The DIFFERENCE that we have made in each other has motivated us to publicly show others how former boyfriends can move into a wonderful new friendship. He and I started off as best friends and we continue to be best friends!!

My parents, Isaiah's Mom, Aunts and Uncle were the special guests of our party. We were joined by some of our closest pals and fabulous hors devours. (Made by Isaiah) With so many world changers and life changers in the room Isaiah got up to make a toast and thank everyone for coming. His toast made the DIFFERENCE in me. He may be only one year older in age, but a lifetime wiser in experience!!

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