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Fifty Years of Commitment

If you spend any time with me you will undoubtedly hear me talking about my Mom and Dad. My whole life, they have been a stalwart example of consistency, care, and steadfast love!

One of the greatest sources of pride in my life, they encapsulate the very thing I would like to be. Committed!

In the past I've attempted to capture their individual gifting and accomplishments. The tender servant hearted nature of my Mom is like no other and my Father is truly the man I would like to become. What I'd really like share with you is the team I call my Parents.

As they approach their 50th anniversary milestone on June 20th, I am mindful of the things they've done together. From day one, they honored their parents; always showing us kids what a great family we've come from and the importance of continuing that heritage. They both worked very hard to provide for me; going out of their way to give me things they never had. Their love of learning provided the best example in getting an education. Their love, acceptance, and forgiveness in times of trial have always been consistent. They've shared their friends with me; giving the chance for me to be mentored and molded by world leaders and life changers. They provided fun experiences all over the world. They challenged me daily in my love of God and His commitment to me.

Their commitment to one another showed me what true love is all about. Both could tell you the other isn't perfect, but that makes the mystery of love come alive as they truly love and care for the other in spite of each others foibles. Individually they have changed my world; together they have changed others.

I am so honored and blessed to count them as Parents. I am lucky to call them my friends. If there is anything good from me; it is because of them!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Bill Pritchard
Senior Vice President, Community Affairs
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