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March 4, 2017

Nunn on the Run:
Flo and Van


Flo and Van
There were two very different concerts to see in the Chicago area this past week. Before the large fetivals arrive this summer there are still winter time shows in small spaces that can provide up close and personal chances to see artists perform.

At the Hyatt Centric Maginficent Mile at 633 North Saint Clair Street rapper Flo Rida made an appearance. Beforehand a posh VIP area was provided with margaritas placed inside popcorn boxes and a yummy buffet.

Flo and Van
Flo brought the flow and had the crowd jumping. The venue had penty of room for the crowd and invited just the right amount of people to attend.

The Hyatt really knows how to make guests feel right at home!

Flo and Van
Singer Vanessa Carlton had two concerts dates in a row, one with City Winery on Randolph and one at SPACE in Evanston.

Tristen Gaspadarek opened for the singer at SPACE and warmed up the big crowd. The show was sold out. Where in the past SPACE had some general seating, this time it was all assigned. General admission tickets allowed attendees to stand in the back. This made for blocked viewing of the show. SPACE has apparently outgrown itself and needs more room!

Flo and Van
Tristen had some nice moments and should go the Lana Del Rey route with her career. She threw in a little comedy and spoke of Nashville where she currently abides. She was also very sweet after the show at the merch table.

I have seen Carlton perform at both places and she shines a little more at City Winery with the floor plan and accoustics. To be closer to her though it works at SPACE.

Ever since the beginning of Carlton's career she has enjoyed telling stories between songs. After seeing her in the past at Park West where she first told her story about the track "Annie" it was nice to hear her expand more on the inspiration behing the song.

The painting in the background brought together her history and her current show of Liberman Live. The grammy nominee continues to grow and mature in her work over the years.

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