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February 21, 2006

End Scene:
Just Let Go



Hey! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day. Steve and I had a great dinner that looks to be the subject of next weeks column. This column is all my own since Steven is one of the stars of it.

Just Let Go
Last Wednesday we went out to Berlin nightclub ( We went out to support our friends DJ Larissa, Shayna X and Cameron. It was the kick off night for a weekly event called 'Just Let Go...It's Wednesday.' It goes on every Weds except for the last Wednesday of the month.

The theme was red. And everyone from the DJ to the hosts looked red hot! I was dressed in my usual black and red. Miss Sofia Saffire looked especially hot in my opinion.

I have a very strict policy about not going out on school nights but made a tiny exception to be at this event as I knew it would be fun. And in the end...I left with a huge smile on my face and Mexico on my mind.

Here are pictures of some of the beautiful people who will be around on these Wednesdays to ensure that you have a fabulous time... View Photos

This event is filled with fun and great music. Who knew hump day could be so fun! Get over the mid-week blah's by stopping by and just LETTING GO!!!

...bonus scenes...

Thank you to the full moon, Chester and John...we love you lots, Billy and Patrick...thanks for the laughs, funny Valentine, IMMC and Dr. Addy for looking out for my Daddy, Kris from Crew...mmmm...beergaritas, ya!, DJ Heather Doble and Aaron....two very amazing and fun people and my personal trainer, Herman, I'M SORE!!

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