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November 18, 2017

Nunn's Theater Habit:
No Justice for the League


No Justice for the League
This year was an important one for superheroes at the box office.

Beginnng with an X-men offshoot Logan told the story of Wolverine, once again played by Hugh Jackman, who is taking care of a sick Professor X on the Mexican border. The introduction of Dafne Keen as a baby Wolverina was a good one and the story was full of unpredictable action.

No Justice for the League
The Lego Batman Movie, Captain Underpants and Power Rangers are considered to be part of that genre but have their own thing going. Couldn't Transformers: The Last Knight count also? There was a Transformer comic around for years.

Atomic Blonde was based on a graphic novel and packed the action with true superhero style. This production gains points by making the character a lesbian that was not in the original book.

No Justice for the League
Spider-Man: Homecoming swung into the summer with a Spidey reboot that kept him young and fresh. It sported a guest spot of Iron Man to tie in with the Avengers.

Thor: Ragnarok followed suit with the Hulk guest starring and Doctor Strange has a visually brilliant cameo as well. The jokes were turned up thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and set largely in space to capitalize on the popularity of the odd bunch. The good news it is way better than the second Thor flick and was Hela good.

Wonder Woman mopped up the box office over the summer thanks to Gal Gadot and the gang. That is why everyone had high hopes for Justice League that were sadly dashed. If you like watching a video game that you can't control for two hours go see it. Fans are flocking in and not listening to reviews anyways so maybe you will too. One of the most expensive movies ever made is already drawing in massive numbers because people want to see what the hype is about.

Openly gay Ezra Miller runs away with a few jokes, Gal is too cheeky for my taste and is stuck to smirking then seeing Jason Momoa's swimmer's build at the Navy Pier IMAX almost had me, but things turned too fishy for the franchise before the end.

Bring on the Black Panther, meow!

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