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March 8, 2018

Nunn on the Run:
Prey All Day: Ten years later there's a new Strangers tale


Prey All Day: Ten years later there's a new Strangers tale
Good horror movies are usually released around the month of October to capitalize on the Halloween holiday. With The Strangers: Prey at Night being released in March, expectations were low going in to see an early screening.

Another problem was a sequel coming out 10 years after the original.

I did enjoy the first Strangers from what I remembered so I was ready to give part two a chance.

Prey All Day: Ten years later there's a new Strangers tale
Director Johannes Roberts creates an atmosphere using location, music, and mood that works from the very beginning. His actors behave smartly dealing with situations in a realistic way that was a pleasant surprise.

Although, there is one dumb moment when the family separates that audiences will most likely grown about, but that's the fun of watching this movie in a theater and not at home.

The villians are kept mysterious and it works. Roberts knows that what we don't see is more frightening that way.

Prey All Day: Ten years later there's a new Strangers tale
The foggy trailer park feels like a throw back to Stephen King and John Carpenter movies that Stranger Things fans will love. Already there is some division in opinions on this flick, but in the same way that Roberts' 47 Meters Down had audiences choosing sides, this one will do the same. Some will be addicted to the concise one hour and 25 minute script.

The director knows how to set things up and bring suspense to the table. Hopefully it's not another 10 years before another one and let's find out more about what makes these masked marauders tick in part three. The Strangers: Prey at Night starting on March 9.

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