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March 10, 2018

Nunn's Theater Habit:
Time Is Up: Save yourself some time and skip Oprah's new flick


Time Is Up: Save yourself some time and skip Oprah's new flick
Time goes by quickly for some productions and for others it drags.

About Face Theatre's "Time Is On Our Side" starts off with a premise that immediately grabbed my attention as I am starting my own podcast. Characters Curtis and Annie are struggling with their own podcast that eventually explores Annie's family tree. The actors in the production also struggle with an overly long script. The story that has a few corny stereotypes and lasts more than two hours had me checking my watch too many times.

There's an intriguing tale to be told following different generations of LGBT folk learning from each other, but that door is still waiting to be opened.

"Time" marches on until April 7 at Theater Wit.

Time Is Up: Save yourself some time and skip Oprah's new flick
Fantasy film "A Wrinkle In Time" was scratched by the "Black Panther" on its opening weekend and came in second place. Unfortunately, having read the book as a kid like many did not save this adaptation. When main character Meg Murry bullies the bully the story quickly went sour for me. Director Ava DuVernay was given an over $100 milliion budget that doesn't pay off. The big stars don't stand out including a massive Oprah Winfrey as Mrs. Which, which now makes me wonder if she is starting to believe her own hype. The director seems to love a big close up that shows more than a few wrinkles in the process among other flaws.

Did they run out of time to depict Meg's twin brothers from the book? The author used her Christian beliefs in her writing that seems to be removed also. Save yourself some time and skip this flick.

Time Is Up: Save yourself some time and skip Oprah's new flick
Something that is worth your time is the new Chicago Magic Lounge located at 5050 N. Clark Street. Pay special attention to the address as this place can be tricky to find.

Max Maven and the gang bring some eye popping entertainment with multiple theaters and a range of magicians to Andersonville. History of past Chicago performers is used to decorate a space that is sorely needed on the North Side.

Can the troupe make the messy construction work disappear in front of the business? Only time will tell!

Book tickets in advance for a show at

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