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April 27, 2018

Nunn on the Run:
Bits about Bacon and Cheese


Bits about Bacon and Cheese
I just talked about Baconfest again on the radio today because it is one of the most unforgettable parties about a pig in Chicago.

The 10th edition at UIC Forum was bigger than ever. Held for two days with 140 top chefs is not a small task.

Bits about Bacon and Cheese
Baconfest rasies money for the Greater Food Depository and spotlights some of the best resturants in the city at the same time.

Make sure and buy VIP tickets and arrive there on time next year as that makes a huge difference in the experience. There are always a few pushy pigs in the crowd!

Bits about Bacon and Cheese
A new pork feast I attended for the first time was Cochon 55 with over 1,500 pounds of heritage breed pork at the Hilton Chicago. The ballroom filled up quickly as the organization earneed $5,300 for Piggy Bank, a farm in Missouri who helps families in wake of disaster.

Chef Cory Morris of Boleo took home the crown of Prince of Pork.

Bits about Bacon and Cheese
The creative cocktails and wide setup made room for a good time by all. It was a casual dress experience so next year I'm wearing fat clothes!

Bits about Bacon and Cheese
The 3rd annual Say Cheese Fest slid into the Concord Fifty-Five thanks to the Social Power Hour. Rainy weather and cold temperatures really put a damper on the festivities. The outdoor tent had power trouble so the cooks struggled and more vendors should be added for next year with a bigger venue.

Lou Malnati's and Blackwood BBQ continue to make hearty food that really satisfy at these events so run to their tables before lines grow long and say cheese!

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