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Marcus Bachmann's clinic demands gay activist pay $150 bill

Minneapolis — Dr. Marcus Bachmann, husband of GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann, is demanding that a gay activist pay his $150 counseling bill -- or else.

"Truth Wins Out" activist John Becker went to Bachmann's clinic this summer to make an undercover video of treatment to cure one's self of being gay. Becker pretended to want to stop being gay in two sessions with a Bachmann and Associates counselor.

"A client came in stating they had a concern about same-sex attraction. The client asked specifically for assistance with this. I don't know a counseling agency that wouldn't accept or talk about that person's concerns," Marcus Bachmann told the Wall Street Journal. "[Becker] was an incredible actor, emotional and deep in his emotion. The therapist joined in on empathy and concern."

Now, Bachmann's clinic is threatening to turn over Becker's $150 bill for those two sessions to a collection agency.

Truth Wins Out said Bachmann should give up.

"We call on Marcus Bachmann to immediately stop his petty and vindictive campaign of harassment and threats against our organization," said Truth Wins Out executive director, Wayne Besen. "Perhaps, now that Michele's campaign is foundering, the Bachmanns are frustrated and looking for scapegoats."
tell the MFs IO'll be glad to pay them 150 ISK

that's Icelandic crowns (Krona)

worth about 1.2 cents total

About 1.2 cents more then they deserve. Maybe I should do with them what the USA did when it gave some indian tribes blankets.............

Anything at all to help send them to visit their beloved Jesus.
Posted by sjames6621 on Mon, 11/21/2011 12:04 AM
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