/ Singer Fiona Apple's letter to a Gay-Straight Alliance goes viral

Singer Fiona Apple's letter to a Gay-Straight Alliance goes viral

New York City — Singer Fiona Apple is back in the headlines for an upcoming album -- and for a letter she wrote to a gay teenager 12 years ago.

photo credit: ohheybill.tumblr.com
photo credit: ohheybill.tumblr.com
The boy, Bill Magee, was 16 at the time. He wrote to her asking if she'd write a letter to his Gay-Straight Alliance.

Magee met Apple on a Friday, and she Fedexed him the handwritten note a few days later.

"If a good boy loves a good girl, good. If a good boy loves another good boy, good. And if a good girl loves the goodness in good boys and good girls, then all you have is more goodness, and goodness has nothing to do with sexual orientation," she wrote. 

"A person who loves is a righteous person," she continued, "and if someone has the ability and desire to show love another — to someone willing to receive it, then for goodness' sake, let them do it. Hate has no place in the equation; there is no function for it to perform. Love is love, and there will never be too much."

Apple is a songwriter and a poet. She is now 34 years old and will release a new album, "The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do," in June.
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