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'Hot Dog!' Miss Foozie leads Pet Parade at Chicago Pride Fest

The charming and talented Miss Foozie will lead a festive procession of dogs and their owners down North Halsted on Sunday, June 19 during the popular pet parade, all part of Chicago Pride Fest.

Chicago Pride Fest, 2015 :: dave ouano
Chicago Pride Fest, 2015 
credit :: dave ouano
"There are so many reason to cherish our pets and their positive impact," said Miss Foozie. "This is just one opportunity to celebrate the difference they've made in our lives." 

Always a fun-filled highlight during the two-day street festival, Miss Foozie's 10th annual Pride Pet & Family Parade, starts at 12:30 p.m. from the North Stage area at North Halsted and Grace.

Chicago Pride Fest, which is organized by the Northalsted Business Alliance, runs through 10 p.m. Sunday, June 19 on North Halsted Street between Addison and Grace in Boystown. A $10 donation is recommended. The Chicago Pride Parade is next Sunday, June 26 at noon.

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and nobody has a right to say anything against freaks of nature???
Posted by Chris Land on Sun, 6/19/2016 12:49 PM
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Hey its a free country...if ya wanna have a sex parade thats just fine but I think its disrespectful to have it on Sunday when the majority of people worship
Posted by Joe Krol on Sun, 6/19/2016 1:12 PM
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Now one cares if your gay...get over yourselves.
Posted by Rob Shean on Sun, 6/19/2016 1:50 PM
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Even without God, Christ, the faith, Church, religion, the Bible... homosexuality is a misguided learned behavior, the sexual preference a false pride, an abomination to humankind, & it only comes from & creates more havoc, confusion & damage among the vulnerable & naive, most especially children. It deceives, robs & destroys from every perspective including the pretentious fantasy itself.
Posted by Ann Raczok on Sun, 6/19/2016 3:46 PM
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