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Gov. candidate Ives targets transgender community in new attack ad

Ives controversial campaign ad condemned by state Republicans

Chicago, IL — Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) has released a controversial new campaign ad targeting transgender Illinoisans.

Jeanne Ives targets transgender community in attack ads :: screen-grab from ives campaign ad
Jeanne Ives targets transgender community in attack ads 
credit :: screen-grab from ives campaign ad
The ad, paid for by the Ives campaign, mockingly features an actor portraying a transgender woman thanking Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) for signing a law expanding transgender rights.

"Thank you for legislation that lets me use the girls' bathroom," says an actor dressed in a red dress.

The ad also includes a woman wearing a pink protest hat thanking the governor for making Illinois families "pay for my abortions" and a hoodie-wearing man with his face covered by a bandana thanking Rauner for making Illinois a "sanctuary state for illegal immigrant criminals."

"Thank you for making the rest of Illinois bail out Chicago teacher pensions and for giving [Mayor] Rahm [Emanuel] everything he wanted," says an African-American woman wearing a Chicago Teachers Union T-shirt.

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider said Ives should pull the ad and "immediately apologize to the Illinoisans who were negatively portrayed in a cowardly attempt to stoke political division."

Republican Attorney General Candidate Erika Harold said the ad "denigrates, mocks and marginalizes groups of Illinoisans and cannot represent our Republican Party."

Former Illinois Republican party chairman Pat Brady said in a tweet this is the Ives "we have known for years. There is no room in the Republican Party for racist, bigoted, homophobic candidates like her."

Ives responded to the criticism, "I want to know why people are so offended by it. What's offensive about the ad?"


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Posted by on Mon, 2/5/2018 7:13 PM
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Yeah. Amazon. Apple. Tesla. The economy of the future will just cuddle right up with this hateful witch.
Posted by on Mon, 2/5/2018 7:37 PM
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She sees nothing offensive about it! She needs to move to Alaska with Palin!
Posted by on Tue, 2/6/2018 12:28 AM
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My 1st vote will be for for her opponent She can't not be on the ticket
Posted by on Tue, 2/6/2018 8:33 AM
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