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Chicago documentary production company launches next phase of film project 'The Missing Peace'

Joseph Alexander was found slain a block from his home in 1964 on the outskirts of Chicago, more than 50 years later, the obscure events that led to his untimely death begin to unravel a web of secrets and deceit.

On Thursday, March 8, The Turnswitch, LLC is hosting a documentary launch event to benefit the documentary production. The goal of this event is to drive the production into its next phase of development by offering opportunities for industry support and investor participation.

If you or a loved one has been silenced, experienced discrimination or simply have an affinity towards stories related to unsolved murders, then this production will inspire you. Joseph Alexander - husband, father of five young children and butcher by trade - was a white man married to a black woman, Alberta Jones, in the pre-integrated Chicago suburbs. In 1964, his severely mutilated body was found in a shallow ditch only one block from their family home. A day later, his wife received a threatening phone call, securing her silence and the silence of her children and grandchildren for decades. Strangely absent from the record books are any signs of a coroner's report, death certificate, and criminal investigation logs.

"This film has a very personal connection to me, more so than any project I've ever worked on. My Grandfather was brutally murdered, and my Grandmother was silenced. As a filmmaker, I want to shed truth on this mysterious crime and circumstances around his death. However, as their grandson, I want resolution and closure for our family and this silence ends now," said Michael Ryan Alexander, Director.

The Missing Peace explores Joseph Alexander's life, and the strange and gruesome circumstances behind his brutal murder. By mining memories of his neighbors, co-workers, and loved ones, in addition to archival resources, the documentary seeks not only to shed light on Joseph's murder, but also explore the deep emotional wounds caused by such a jarring loss.

By tugging on the thread of Joseph's murder, The Missing Peace will work to unravel the events of that fateful July night in 1964, to explore what truly happened and map the wake of destruction left by this truly tragic event.

A teaser film will be presented to the audience attendees and a written proposal outlining a comprehensive storyline guide, including opportunities to be engaged with the making of the film, will be made available for guests in attendance.

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR: Michael Ryan Alexander graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Film and Video. He has worked on a wide variety of film projects from corporate productions to commercials, documentaries, reality television, short films, etc. Alexander enjoys being behind the camera and in the editing suite where he's been crafting visual stories since the age of eleven. His film projects have garnered prestigious accolades and coverage from Cannes Lions to Telly awards.

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