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High-energy PAPA WORLD TOUR anchored by proud Israeli Eliad Cohen

Yes, he does take photos wearing a shirt.  Maybe pants, too.

Just not too often, for either.

Mostly just in a Speedo-style swimsuit.

"Once in a while show people that I do own a shirt," said Cohen, 29, the muscle-packed Israeli who lives in Madrid and is the owner/producer of the mega-popular PAPA WORLD TOUR, which he launched in 2011 in Tel Aviv.  One of the best gay parties in the world, with its unique combination of high-energy, progressive music and phenomenal performances, the PAPA WORLD TOUR launched with events in Madrid and around the world.

In late-May, Cohen brings his sculpted physique, multi-day beard, and hairy chest to Puerto Vallarta for its Pride celebration that spans 10 days and includes an International March Against Homophobia, the Vallarta Pride International Film Festival, a Pride Parade, White Party, Foam Party, and more.

"I didn't expect (PAPA PARTY) to get so international so fast," admitted Cohen, whose PAPA PARTY has included stops over the years in Paris, Lisbon, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam and Lyon, among other international destinations.

But not Chicago, yet.

"(I have) never been (to Chicago), but (the city) definitely is on my list to visit," said Cohen, who confirmed that, yes, he is single.

Some of the most memorable PAPA PARTY events over the years, he said, included the Papa Party Carnival at Florianopolis where, at 6 a.m., there were more than 7,000 party-goers with their hands in the air and a truly electric atmosphere.  "That was a moment I won't forget," he said.

Of course, the 2011 Tel Aviv Pride also stands out as that was the first PAPA PARTY.  "I didn't know what to except (at that) first party, if it would be busy, if people would like the music," Cohen said.  Ultimately that 2011 PAPA PARTY at Tel Aviv Pride was sold out.

"The energy and the music were amazing," Cohen recalled.

Then again, the energy is always kicked up at any PAPA PARTY worldwide.

"We have been almost all over the world in the last seven years," Cohen said.  "I've never done in Tokyo and South Africa, and would like to visit (those cities) with the PAPA tour."

Cohen, on May 25, will be the host for The Big Top Party, held in conjunction with the annual Vallarta Pride, which also includes multiple singing performances by Chicago's own Steve Grand.

Cohen is staying in Puerto Vallarta at Mantamar Beach Club and will host all Pride events there, along with Nikki Valentine (singer of the PAPA song).

"Puerto Vallarta is one of my favorite destinations," Cohen said.

Cohen served three years as a combat operative in the Israeli Defense Forces, and came out as gay shortly after leaving the Army.

"I told my friends from the Army (that I am gay, yet) in the beginning they didn't believe me and were a bit shocked.  But they accepted it and then even came with me to some gay parties," Cohen said.

He said his required stint in the Israeli military was a "really intensive and interesting" three years.  "I learned so much about myself there and it definitely helped me to (become) the man I am today.  We were dealing with such hard situations in the Army that right after, when you go to the 'real life,' everything looks so easy."

Cohen was modeling and bartending in Tel Aviv when he was scouted by the Spartacus International Guide, which annually chooses one man to represent the brand internationally.

Cohen was that man.

That led Cohen to, an online travel site that allows gay travelers across the globe to find gay-friendly accommodations in any city.  And more.

So who is Eliad Cohen, circa 2018?

"Kind of the same (person) as in years past, just more mature with more experience," Cohen said.  "I'm still doing acting and modeling, even if my main focus and most of my time is spent on the PAPA WORLD TOUR.  Next year I definitely want to do more acting and modeling.

Beach Time With ...Eliad Cohen

Hobbies:  Sports, traveling and movies.

Dream Vacation Destination: Thailand

Favorite City to Visit: Rio de Janeiro

Favorite Musician:  Madonna

Favorite Celebrity: Angelina Jolie

On Airplanes, Aisle or Window Seat: Window

Little-known Fact:  "I sometimes can be shy."

Pizza Toppings:  Tuna and avocado

Boxers or Briefs:  "Naked."



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