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The Interview


by Jerry Nunn
After 24 seasons, The Real World has made reality television what it is today. The show returns to the “Big Easy” and new cast member Preston is determined to have a gay old time.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hello, Preston. Do you currently reside in Boston?

P: (Preston) I do.

JN: So the whole season in New Orleans is filmed and it’s out there.

P: It is, which is still a surprise to me since I don’t feel like the show is out there yet.

JN: I watched the first episode. Was this a good experience for you?

P: It was an amazing experience. It’s once in a lifetime so I am very happy how it turned out.

JN: What made you audition for it in the first place?

P: I had just been laid off from my job. I didn’t have too much going for me. It was a joke around some of my friends. I just sent them an e-mail. I made it through the whole process and here I am.

JN: What do you recommend for someone that wants to be on The Real World?

P: Be yourself, that’s all you really can do. That is what they are looking for. I don’t really know. I don’t even know why I was chosen.

JN: Did you watch the past Real World that was in New Orleans?
P: I did not watch the other Real World. I am at a loss to what happened there.

JN: Did this season touch upon Katrina?

P: We did. Some of my roommates worked for Habitat for Humanity. I worked for a New Orleans mission. That is how we got our experience there as well.

JN: Speaking of the roommates, was Ryan impossible to live with?

P: You know it is challenging to live with seven other individuals at any time. Given the fact that we all have very large personalities, we were all difficult to live with. Living with me is kind of impossible.

JN: Did you have a favorite member in the house?

P: I don’t have one favorite. I have four favorites. I mean Sahar, Jemmye, Knight and Ashlee. I love them all equally.

JN: Do you still keep in touch with people?

P: Absolutely. Those four that I just stated, I keep in touch with them all the time. They are family to me.

JN: How were the gay bars in New Orleans?

P: It was a good time except I was a little disappointed. There were like two gay bars. There was not as much as I thought there would be. At the same time, the atmosphere there was amazing. There were tons of really cute guys.

JN: So are you still single?

P: I am, you know (both laugh).

JN: What projects are you working on?

P: I am still waiting around to see the response that we get from The Real World: New Orleans. I would love to go into entertainment at some point. People are going to be shocked by this season. It is not just strangers partying in New Orleans there is actually some dept to our season and story.

JN: Well, I look forward to seeing what “eight strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped” can do!

The Real World: New Orleans is on MTV Wednesdays at 9:00 pm. Preston’s Twitter handle is PrestoMajic and Jerry’s is JerryNunn. Start following them today.
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