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The Interview

Brent Oscar Young

"Gay or straight people will have something to connect with on this show."

by Jerry Nunn
Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys is the acclaimed reality show that just premiered on the Sundance Channel with its second set in Nashville, Tennessee. World of Wonder produced the story of several gay men and their special bond with their female best friends.

Brent Oscar Young and Olivia McCarthy team up on the show. Brent runs a publicity company while Olivia is a southern socialite and mom.'s Jerry Nunn caught up with them on the way back from the West Coast.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hi, Brent.

BY: (Brent Young) Hello, Jerry. How are you? We are leaving San Francisco heading to the airport. We had a great screening last night of the first two episodes.

JN: How fun!

BY: They were so engaged and so connected. In fact I had not seen the first two episodes until yesterday. We had been traveling and doing media appearances, Olivia and myself. It was exciting to see it for the first time with an audience.

JN: How did they like it?

BY: They loved it! We did a Q&A after the screening and one of the audience members said, "That is a great scripted show." He wanted to know how we came up with the storyline. It is our real life and seems a little unbelievable.

JN: It's a reality show and they didn't get it.

BY: It is reality and I guess because there are so many people watching reality TV today they are a little skewed. It was the true reality of living in Music City with a gay guy and their straight best girlfriend.

JN: You are from Georgia right?

BY: I am. I'm from a place called Warner Robins, Georgia, which is below Atlanta. It is a huge Air Force base and my family farmed down there. I was born and raised there then went to undergrad in East Tennessee at Lee University.

JN: How long have you lived in Nashville?

BY: I have been there nine years. I love it. I would call it country-politan instead of cosmopolitan. It is a little bit city and a little bit country all blended together in one martini glass.

JN: I grew up in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

BY: Did you? I bought a place in Hendersonville out on the lake. I live there with my two little puppies that I rescued, Tanner and Scooter.

JN: Do you go out to the gay bars?

BY: I enjoy going out to Tribe and Play. Our premiere party and screening will be at Tribe tomorrow evening.

JN: Tell DJ Phil I said, "Hi!"

BY: I know DJ Phil! He used to DJ for me when I did parties. I will let him know that we had an interview this morning.

JN: Tell me about your friend on the show Olivia. You met her at a fundraiser?

BY: She is sitting right next to me in our town car going to the airport. We met over a year ago when she was having an event. We tried to go to business together as you saw on the first episode. I think we are better being best friends and not being in business together. You can marry someone but not work with and marry them. She's my wife, I'm her gay husband, and she has a straight husband. We have been through a lot together. When we got the show I was not planning on that happening. All hell broke loose right after we began filming. There are so many issues that we address throughout the season such as domestic abuse in same sex couples and also dealing with losing your parents as an only child. She had to juggle a career, opening two restaurants, launch a magazine and taking care of her husband and daughters.

The other cast members have all of their storylines going on. Gay or straight people will have something to connect with on this show.

JN: Did you know any of the other people on the show before filming?

BY: Yes, that was the cool thing about it. In the first season they didn't know each other. We either knew each other or knew of each other. I knew every cast member with the exception of Peter and Kristin. Jared and I had intermingled for years. Tenisha I had known as a bartender and server at a local restaurant. This made the show very organic and natural. We were not forced to be friends or be in situations of conflict.

JN: It can be a small town down there sometimes.

BY: Places can be called "a little big town" but it so accurately describes Nashville. Everybody knows each other or thinks they know each other.

JN: How did you wind up auditioning for the show?

BY: Mindy McCready is a dear friend of mine and I was on Celebrity Rehab as her support system. Dr. Drew had friends with casting in LA. That person called me and called Olivia for the last day of casting. We didn't plan on auditioning. We were helping them find couples to cast for the show. On the last day we decided it must be fate to be on the show. We joined the cast and didn't know who the other couples were so it was fun to see we knew most of them.

JN: Where were you voted 25 Most Beautiful People?

BY: There is a magazine called Nashville Lifestyles Magazine and every year they take nominations based on your involvement in the community. It is not a beauty pageant it is based on the inside and out. I am more proud of things like being a part of the Big Brother program for years. Those are the things that make a difference not being in a magazine. I have been working on saving myself as well so I am in a good place now.

JN: I look forward to watching more on the show in my hometown.

BY: I think it is time to see the gay community in Nashville in a new light from Belle Meade to Belleview!

Look for new episodes every Friday on the Sundance Channel and information at
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