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The Interview


by DJ Plez
On Pride Sunday at Sound-Bar the special guest performer bridging the T-Dance to the late night activities was Trenyce of American Idol fame.

This petite beautiful woman with a loud wonderful singing voice belted out two numbers – including a rendition of “Chain of Fools” that Aretha herself would have been proud of – for the appreciative crowd.

I met up with Trenyce after her performance for a “Quick Chat.”


Is that a bit if a Southern accent I hear along with the word “y’all” coming out of your mouth?


Yes, I’m from Memphis, Tennessee.


Not the deep South, but south enough.

Is this your first time to Chicago?



I was here just recently in the cast of “Not A Day Goes By,” the play by E. Lynn



Now, for those folks who aren’t America Idol savvy, in which year did you compete?

I was on the show last year; the second season for America Idol.


The one with Reuben Studdard, Clay Aiken, and Kimberly Locke?


Yes, that season.


You must be pretty impressed with the success your Idol-mates are having with their recent album releases.


Oh yes!

And Reuben is such a good friend of mine.

I am so happy for him.


To make it viewer-friendly, the producers of America Idol obviously edit the process of auditioning and getting onto the show.

What was your experience really like?


I had to travel from my home in Memphis to Nashville for the first audition.

After that initial success, by the time I was chosen to be in the final group that was on the televised show I had a total of eight auditions.

There’s a lot more that goes into getting on the show than most people know about.


Ok, so your class of Idol-mates is storming the record charts.

When can we expect an album from you showcasing that incredible gift of a voice you have?


I have a CD coming out next year, but in the meantime you’ll be seeing me in an upcoming movie.

More details about that to come out soon.

And with that bit of a tease and me wanting more info, Trenyce was swept away to her hotel.

A vivacious, warm and talented woman, I expect that the next time Trenyce graces Chicago with her presences she’ll be talking plenty about her CDs, movies, and much more!

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